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Covid-19 is going to have a huge Impact on lot of small businesses such as Us.
Unfortunately this will affect people all over the world .So if you could do one thing in this isolation, and take a little of this timeto Support our small business wich does not require any money 
It would be amazing if you check our social media network profiles below(*),like or follow us on one of them or all , and invite Your friends to do the same…

people who own a holiday property in Spain, please check out also Holiday-Renting(*)Our networks of social media

How to invite all friends to like a page on Facebook

Here’s how to invite all your friends to like your page:

    1. Go to the Facebook Page of –>

    2. click on “I Like This” 

    3. Then Scrol till you see On the right hand side Community, under Community, click on “invite your friends to like this page”

    4.  A pop up will appear, click on “Select All” 

    5.  Lastly, click “Send invites” 

How to follow us on Instagram

  1. Go to the instagram Page of –>
  2. click the button “Follow”
  3. Use the link of this page to send to your friends to follow us :
  4. Or send the Instagram page to your friend

How to follow us on linkedin

  1. Go to the linkedin Page of –>
  2. click the button “Follow”
  3. Use the link of this page to send to your friends to follow us :
  4. Or send the linkedin page to your friend –>

How to subscribe on our Youtube channel

  1. Go to the Youtube channel invitation of –>

  2. If the link up doesn´t work go to Youtube look for Costablancahousing (below photo)
  3. You will see the button Subscribe , and click on it 
  4. Use the link of this page to send to your friends to subscribe :
  5. Or send the Youtube channel invitation to your friend –>

How to submitting a google experience review

  1. Click on the link to leave a review —>
  2. If the link doe´t work, Open your internet browser.
  3. Next, search for
  4. Scroll down until you see the Write a Review button on the bottom right side of the screen (directly to the right of the Reviews section, next to the Add a photo button).
  5. Click Write a Review.
  6. A box titled Rate and Review will pop up. You will be given the option to select a certain number of stars for the company and write out details of your experience(s).
  7. Click Post after selecting a star rating (leaving a description is optional).

Supporting a small businesses doesn’t require spending money…

it’s as simple as sharing, liking and promoting. we really appreciate Your little time

Thank you in advance! I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well